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What is Spark Retail?



Being a part of Spark Retail, we want all of our tenants to thrive and focus on their business, knowing they always have access to help through our center manager, and that the practical services they need are part of the ecosystem.


We are facilitating our cluster in a dynamic way, doing our best to help each individual tenant with whatever inquiries they have gets resolved to match the needs. This is true for helping with designing their space, issues that might arise, and for creating the common spaces.


Making a greener world feels good, but is also good business. We are always thinking of ways of optimizing our bulidings for transparent measurements of and improved efficiency of the utilitu costs.  


Spark Retail is creating the next generation of office spaces, where our tenants can concentrate on their business. We put effort into making each of our clusters capable of adressing the needs of our tenants, with a build in reliable ecosystem that makes it quick and easy to get needed services and to get any issues resolved. We want this framework to help our tenants grow their businesses and to feel safe knowing that they have us to rely on for anything else.

Our team

Dorthe Kragh


Henriette Holm Stahlhut


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